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Norppasoutu on the Lake Pihlajavesi 2023


Return to the nature! Norppasoutu 2023 will do everything in the simple traditional way. We have great outdoor opportunities on the shores of Lake Saimaa, just a stone's throw away from the city. On this trip you can get to know church boating and camping safely and easily.

Norppasoutu is a rowing event that is rowed slowly, admiring the nature with traditional church boats equipped with roller benches. During the 3-day rowing trip we will row 20-35 km a day in the Pihlajavesi archipelago. During the trip we will have coffee and take swimming breaks. In the evening, after a rowing day, we will have a tasty dinner and sauna.

The accommodation is in the cottage Turponmaja, which was completed in 1952, and in its courtyard on the island Turponsaari. The island's natural attractions include the caves of Turpo, Kätkytkivi, which is one of the largest boulders in Finland, and Laurikkala meadow, which is a valuable traditional landscape in the province, where there are many demanding meadow plants. Turponsaari is located about 10 km south of Savonlinna and is currently part of the state nature reserves.

Accommodation is available in three options: on a sleeping pad in the cosy loft of the hut in two renovated accommodation rooms, in the traditional e.g. in a half-team tent often used by the military and scouts, or in your own tent or other accommodation you bring with you.

Norppasoutu 2023 rowing route

The meeting place is here.


Registration fees

3 days                        160 €/person

Registration fees include place in the boat, breakfast, coffee or tee, supper, sauna, ’organizers’ liability insurance.

Accommodation in the island Turponsaari

10 € / person on an inflatable sleeping pad in the loft (2 nights)

5 € / person in the semi-team tent (take your own sleeping pad with you) (2 nights)

Accommodation in your own tent or other accommodation free of charge.

Whatever accommodation option you choose, be sure to bring your own sleeping bag or similar !!


Account number and payee

OKOBANK Helsinki Finland 565083-27771 Nojanmaan Nopsa

IBAN: FI97 5650 83 20 0077 71



Registration and reservations by 31.5.2023

or Tuula Mähönen tel. +358-449831350



Norppasoutu starts in the centre of Savonlinna.

Getting to Savonlinna

There are train  and coach connections to Savonlinna.


The distance from Helsinki to Savonlinna by road is 335 km and there are daily express coach services. An express train journey from Helsinki to Savonlinna takes less than 5 hours, whereas a flight from Helsinki takes between 40-50 minutes.




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